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It doesn’t matter where you are in the world.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world.




The main aim of this initiative is to help both Pro and Amateur Footballers including Free Agents who are secluded to be scouted by Professional Football Scouts that identify potential talents and recommend such players to the Clubs, Agencies or Associations they represent.

It’s a wonderful opportunity for players who want to play high-level football. We value the effort players invest and we want them to know that its worth every second. Players who want to be scouted must play a major role by sending their Football CVs and Links of their YouTube Channel to us. We advise that players should make sure that their video quality is good (480p ,720pHD or 1080p) and crystal clear when uploading it onto their YouTube Channel. CSN Football Agency as an organisation lean on the expertise of our Scout and we work hand-in-hand with Other Scouts, Managers, Agents, Coaches, Parents, Club Officials, Fans etc.

It is our desire that Pro Footballers, Amateurs and Free Agents will excel to the highest level in football and through us they will be recruited by Clubs who need their skills.



NOTE: When Sending Your; 

  1. Football CV and

  2. Link to Your YouTube Video Channel

Kindly send your documents to

Make sure the Subject of your email is “Player Profile – Add Your Full Name”.




Subject: Player Profile – Jake Peters

Hello Good day!

It is with great pleasure that I write. My name Jake Peters from Nigeria. I have played football for the past 8 years at the amateur level. I am currently a free agent and I play in the position of a Centre Midfielder [6 & 8].

Kindly find attached my CV and Links to my videos on YouTube/Vimeo. You can also get my profile on Transfermarkt. I would like to hear from you.

Thank you in advance,

Jake Peters

Attached Files: Passport Picture/Image (optional) + CV Jake Peters.pdf* + YouTube/Vimeo Video Links*

Attach your Passport Picture/Image (optional), Football CV and Links to YouTube Video Channel to your composed email.

NOTE: This will help us distinguish between different player profiles sent to us.



What Scouts Look For In Players?

The qualities scouts look for in a player

The qualities scouts look for in a player


It is our greatest wish that Footballers had a fair idea of what Scouts normally look for in a player. Like it would help players know what exactly to work on and this can lead to them being scouted easily. A Football Scout does not look at how players are neatly dressed, their shinny boots or look at their status in life.

It is a Scout’s duty to give fair judgments about a player based on certain skills and qualities they are looking for and recommend identified players to his Club, Fellow Scouts, Coaches, Team Owners etc.

Some of the qualities as a Scout look for (just to mention a few) include: Tackling, Heading, Dribbling Ability, Passing Accuracy, Stamina, Speed, Height, Link Up Play, Attitude, Work Rate, Technical Ability, Vision. etc.

There are thousands of skills that Scouts look for.


5 Predictors That Scouts Use to Identify Players


According to the Professional Football Scouts Association (PFSA), there 5 multidimensional properties that Scouts use to identify talent. They are as follows:


Speed, Strength, Aerobic, Endurance, Stamina, Jump etc.



Attention, Determination, Motivation (Intrinsic & Extrinsic), Mental Toughness etc.



Height, Weight, Growth etc.



Parental Support, Education, Socio-Economic etc



Tactical skills, Technical abilities, Motor Skills etc.


PLEASE NOTE: Once you send your player profile to our specified email then you have AGREED  that we can have full access to it and share it with third-party recruiters. Thank You!