Tools Available. Image – Wyscout

Tools Available. Image – Wyscout



There are many tools that Footballers/Free Agents can deploy to their advantage which can help them get scouted easily. These tools will give them more reach so that they can easily be identified and some will help in building great relationships with Recruiters.

Some of the tools are free and easy to access whiles some also require players to pay subscription fees before they can get access. Some of the tools we recommend players to utilize despite having 1,001 tools at their disposal are:

  1. Football CV

  2. YouTube Channel

  3. LinkedIn – Dedicated Only to Football



  6. Tony’s Soccer School

  7. Sports Recruiting USA (SRUSA)

  8. National Scouting Report (NSR)

  9. WhatPlayer

  10. Other Football Academies


Football CV


Football CVs help Scouts to know the type of player they are dealing with, his name, which country he comes from, his preferred and weak foot, his playing position, his current and previous teams, his status (Free Agent, Pro Footballer or Amateur) etc. It summaries all information the Scout needs to know about the player. Whereas, how to contact the player must also be stated [email, telephone number and address], this information is very vital.

Please read Player Scout article on how to create a Football CV, its very useful.

You can also Download Player Scout Football CV Template + Ebook which comes for a fee.

Moreover, here are Samples of Football CVs we came across online:

You Tube Channel


Every Footballer/Free Agent that wants to get scouted as soon as possible must get a Channel on YouTube where Scouts can easily visit and watch their uploaded videos. Players should create a channel and build a good playlist of them showcasing their skills, playing football, creating and utilizing one-time chances in games, working out/exercising etc.

Have a look at ScoutNationHD on YouTube. This is how they do their football videos about Pro Footballers.

Here is a typical example from ScoutNationHD on Malcom:

Below is a YouTube Video Channel of a hardworking player we came into contact with:

  1. Totti Francis Laryea.



Footballers and Free Agents who want to get scouted can also create a LinkedIn Account. Which will serve as a quick electronic CV that Recruiters can easily access. I advise players to create LinkedIn Accounts, since LinkedIn has over 10,000 Scouts, Coaches, Agents, Club Officials etc. that players can connect and build great relationships with such persons. You shouldn’t be worried or afraid of contacting Recruiters on LinkedIn. Rejection is part of our daily lives, even Lionel Messi when scouted by Arsenal during his childhood was rejected but now I believe Arsenal have regretted because they failed to sign the greatest player on the planet.

csnfootballagency-playertrader-logo.jpg is a website/application that connects players all over the world to Scouts, Agents, Coaches etc. It’s a great platform for Professional Footballers trading network where possible transfer can be discussed. PlayerTrader connects players to opportunities and I think it is one of the best opportunities players should not take for granted. Players that want to be scouted and build connections with Clubs, Agents and Scouts must sign up and pay subscription fees. Click Here, to sign up.

Below is a video detailing how playertrader started and how it operates.


csnfootballagency-transfermarkt-logo.png is a German-based website owned by Axel Springer that has footballing information, such as scores, results, statistics, transfer news, and fixtures. The website has scores, results, transfer news, fixtures, and player values. Despite the player values, along with some other facts, being estimates, researchers from the Centre for Economic Performance have found that the “rumours” of player transfers are largely accurate.

The reason why we are recommending to Footballers or Free Agents is that:

  1. We want players to know what is happening in the transfer markets of the various Football Leagues across the World,

  2. Monitor other players stats who also play the same position as theirs and compare,

  3. How they can also develop to become a great player and also been recognized by

  4. They can get the chance to know and contact Agents from licensed countries stated on

Moreover, players can also be scouted on transfermarkt by Scouts.



Tony’s Soccer School is a website that connects Amateur Footballers and Free Agents to Pro Football Academy trials in the UK. Trials are conduct throughout the whole year and players have to sign up and subscribe (pay a fee) before they can view football trails. No matter the age, trails on Tony’s Soccer School websites are arranged for U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, U18, U21 and 21+.

Here are few clubs that use Tony’s platform: Fulham FC, Crewe Alexandra Academy, AFC Liverpool Academy etc.

You can submit your CV to Tony Soccer School, Here.



Sports Recruiting USA (SRUSA) is a wonderful platform that connects players to Sports Scholarship for American Colleges. SRUSA is a recruiting sports firm that connects players not only to colleges but also opportunities to showcase their skills to Spanish Professional (FC Malaga City) and Semi-Professional Soccer Teams.

SRUSA has Elite services which is an Exclusive Invite-Only service where they work with talented sports men and women who they help guide via the U.S. College recruiting process and heavily promote them individually to find them the most suitable schools.

Footballers or Free Agents who want to combine sports and education would be very happy to connect with SRUSA. This will be a better option.

Hear what some of the Elite Clients said about SRUSA. Click Here.



National Scouting Report (NSR), is an organisation that specializes in college recruitment. The main purpose of NSR is to help student-athletes at High Schools get recruited into Universities/Colleges in the USA. NSR scouts athletes in almost every sport you can think of: from Soccer to Swimming.

We encourage student-athletes who visit our platform to contact NSR and kick-start their careers in the USA. NSR scouts work across America and in a growing list of countries around the world. As a result, NSR is connecting with families from Australia to Bulgaria, Mexico to Canada, Africa and beyond.

Footballers who want to combine Football with Education should see NSR as a better option. NSR is the oldest college sports recruiting firm in the USA, has connections with over 2500 colleges coaches for almost every sport in the USA and can boast of plenty success stories.

Please note that NSR Exclusives Packages comes with a onetime fee, interested persons should contact NSR, Click Here. For further information so that you are not mislead please read NSR’s Frequently Asked Recruiting Questions.

csnfootballagency-whatplayer-logo.jpg is a website that makes professional football video for players. The benefits for players is that this platform is using the unique technology as seen on TV and produce videos that highlight the skills and abilities of players. Whatplayer provide players with a virtual CV to highlight and show their skills and stand out from the competition. They help clubs to find players and provide agents with our videos as a tool to promote clients.

Do you have your video ready. A sports director, scout or agent maybe interested in you!

Through social media you can reach millions of people.

Contact Whatplayer now.

This is a sample of how edit football videos.


Ajax Youth Football Academy

Ajax Youth Football Academy

In 2013 B/R’s Christopher Atkins ranked The Best Youth Academies in the World and till date they still continue to dominate. Some of the equally good academies missing from these list are Benfica’s Youth Academy and AS Monaco’s Youth Academy.

Footballers and Free Agents can also try their luck by contacting Football Academies all over the world. We encourage players to give it a try. Most Pro Football Clubs have academies which players can contact and humbly request for a trial.

Don’t be bothered if you are rejected or do not hear from them at all. Keep on trying and push harder.